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What a uranium mine will really do to Nunn Print

by Marina Mayer

Letter to the Editor
Greeley Tribune
October 17, 2007

I have the feeling that Greeley residents have not realized yet what a uranium mine in Nunn means for their future lives! Powertech has now started with an open pit gravel mine, which can easily be converted into an open pit uranium mine. To protect the environment from the heavy metals and radioactive substances they'll dig up, they'll cover the tailing pile up with gravel. When the wind blows the radioactive dust will easily find its way to Greeley.

Another point will be the real estate values in those areas. The prices will drop dramatically and you'll be left with the mortgage and no equity.

Some will say now, "Sure, but what about the tax royalties the county and state will earn? With that money they will be able to fix the mess if something goes wrong." But the truth is that most of the uranium will be mined through in-situ leach mining. With this method there will be $0 royalties! The taxpayers will have to come up with the money.

Wake up people! Call the Weld County commissioners and ask them what they will do about this. It's not too late. They can stop Powertech from ruining our lives.

Please come to the CARD Town Hall Meeting in Greeley at 7 p.m. Oct. 24 that will be held in McKee Hall, Room L152, on the University of Northern Colorado campus (1200 21st St., Greeley) or go to

Marina Mayer, Fort Collins

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