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Uranium versus the government Print

by Jeff Dunn (Editoral)
Greeley Tribune
March 27, 2008

Talk of the proposed uranium mine has been quiet, but not because the concern is less. It is election season and the future, not only of our local communities but of our nation, will be decided in the fall.

This should bring a special interest to the opposition of the mine and to elected officials who are in charge of allowing or prohibiting it. If we are not satisfied with the direction our elected officials are leaning on this issue, then we can vote them out when their time is up.

There is another action that can be taken if we do not feel that they have our best interest in mind, and we may want to consider it, especially on an issue as important as our land and water. This action is a recall election. We have thousands of signatures against the mine, and if needed, a door-to-door census of the problem most certainly would produce more once the issue is brought to the attention of every Weld County resident. I bring this up because of the latest articles concerning the mine. If there are those who are on the fence or doubt the importance of this issue, then please consider the following.

In the Jan. 6 issue of the Tribune, Richard Blubaugh (Powertech) stated, "..advanced and highly regulated well-field engineering during mining prevents any 'horizontal movement' of solution." Pay attention to his wordplay here, because he also has been wanting us to rely on science to make a decision.

ISR mining uses hundreds of drilled monitoring holes in which they watch the natural leaching that DOES take place during the operation. As the leaching occurs, they increase the operation of the pumps, which pulls back the solutions by creating a vacuum in the control area, thus retrieving, or preventing any further leaching of solution.

The real threat comes after the mining company turns off its pumps, stopping the protection and leaves. If Powertech is so certain there will not be any contamination of the water, then why would it be the least bit concerned about House Bill 1161, which puts additional safeguards on protecting our water? The Feb. 5 Tribune article exposes Powertech's planned opposition to this bill.

With all the known destruction to land and water around the world because of ISR and open pit uranium mining, why then is it so difficult to just say NO? In a Feb. 13 Tribune article, it was hard to believe the Greeley City Council was split on a resolution against the mine. Even harder to believe that with the problems uranium mining causes, the biggest concern was over a surface ditch. Then in a March 8 Tribune, a Windsor resident decides to attack Marilyn Musgrave for taking a stand to protect us by claiming a lack of experience in areas he is probably lacking in himself.

People scream "listen to the facts" but then ignore all of the information and accept only what supports their cause. It then becomes a war of words and interpretation, which gets us nowhere.

So consider this: Uranium has tens of thousands of years of life that continues to destroy the environment and the water for tens of thousands of people around the globe.

Our commissioners and city councils can vote resolutions against the mine now and stop this before everybody's doubt becomes a devastating reality that we cannot escape.

Jeff Dunn and his family live in Pierce.

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