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by Nicole Friehauf (Letter to the Editor)
Fort Collins Coloradoan
April 5, 2008

Colorado and its landscape has always been a welcoming and safe place for us Coloradans to raise our families, build our homes and create our lives. The potential uranium mining project in Nunn being proposed by the Powertech Uranium Corporation threatens to jeopardize this fairly peaceful existence that we have enjoyed until now. I'm writing this letter to urge readers to oppose the Centennial Project and any uranium mining in Colorado in order to preserve the safe and healthy lifestyle to which we have become accustomed.

The Powertech Uranium Corp. hopes to tap into the Laramie-Fox Hills Aquifer of the Denver Basin and use "in-situ" mining techniques to leach out mineral deposits of uranium. This involves changing the water quality to mine uranium out of the aquifer. Powertech claims these "in-situ" techniques to be far less risky than other mining techniques when it comes to contaminating the environment, but the fact is that they still risk the health of our environment. Mining will emit radiation, chemicals and heavy metals into the air and water that can never be completely removed.

Their assurance of being careful means nothing if you look at the mining industry's history of leaving improperly capped mining holes open to leak radiation into the air.

Having radon deposits leaked throughout Colorado cities will not only decrease property value, but it will also expose us to numerous health risks.

I strongly urge all Coloradans to speak out in some way, whether through a petition or letters to city officials, to preserve our beautiful state for current and future residents.

Nicole Friehauf lives in Fort Collins

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