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Just Say 'No Way' to Uranium Print

by Jackie Adolf 


ImageUranium mining in Northern Colorado? What are we thinking? With so many problems on our minds, it is easy to push away issues and pretend that threats are not real. This issue of uranium in-situ mining is not going away. It is a mess that won't really ever be cleaned up if it starts.

You could "Google" uranium pollution and probably not find one site that has been cleared of radiation or water problems due to uranium mining.

 We already have radon issues in Fort Collins, so we know we are sitting on top of it. According to the United States EPA Web site on radon, higher incidence of radon increases the risk for lung cancer (a citizen's guide to Radon). Uranium does not pose nearly the risk until exposed to air. Then the real trouble begins.

Here in Larimer County, we seem to be turning a blind eye to what Weld County may allow. Believe me, a county line will not stop the impact from reaching all of Larimer County and beyond. Since I became aware of it, I have spoken to 10 people a day in Fort Collins. Nine out of 10 respond with shock and thought that this could never happen here! We wouldn't allow it, right? Well, who are we, and when will we stand up and stop this?

It has been covered in the media, but it seems that it has failed to show up on the internal radar screens as danger! Uranium mining cannot be treated or permitted the same as gas and oil mining. It is not the same threat to the environment.

Technology has not changed since water contamination in Goliad, Texas, prompted changes to stop uranium mining. Many areas already ban this (the entire Navajo Nation tribal lands in Arizona and Utah), but in most cases, the damage is already done (www.irc-online. org/americaspolicy/amcit/ 3963).

In news released to investors May 24, Powertech calculated that there are 9,730,490 pounds of U308, plus or minus 3 million to 5 million pounds, in the Centennial Project to be extracted. Water can be contaminated even during the "prospecting" phase.

During their work begun in 1974, ore was shipped into Wyoming for processing. ( Will our highways also be at risk for spills during transport?

This resource, with all its pitfalls and health threats, will not even benefit Colorado in any way. Far more valuable is our environment and the future generations that will inhabit this terrain.

Water is at a premium in Colorado; those of us who have domestic wells feel fortunate. If all the ranches in the proposed area need to abandon their properties and wells, and the county wells are also affected, where will we be then? Real estate will plummet. Health will nose-dive as well. Not the best place to live in the United States anymore? The little group of needs help and participation to stop this from all of us. We need a resolution to stop uranium mining in Colorado. Get informed and be ready to vote or sign petitions when they emerge. This toothpaste needs to stay in the tube.



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