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We need your help. If you want to stop uranium mining in northern Colorado, you must act now.  You can start by signing our petition and voicing your opposition to the Weld County commissioners. See the Stop the Mining menu for details.

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Uranium Mining is Still a Threat to Northern Colorado Print

Find Out Why at Round Table Meeting in Nunn on July 8th

On May 20, 2008, Governor Ritter signed House Bill 08-1161, the most comprehensive state legislation in the United States on in situ leach uranium mining (ISL) and ground water protection. Some people thought we had “won” the battle against uranium mining in Weld County when HB 08-1161 was passed. Not true. It’s not over yet!

  • While the new law seeks to hold the uranium mining companies accountable to restore the ground water to pre-mining conditions, it cannot ensure protection of local water supplies in such close proximity to an ISL mine as exists at the proposed Centennial Project east of Nunn.
  • The mining companies claim full restoration is possible, but the truth is no ISL uranium mining operation has ever been proposed so close to so many communities or so many existing ground water wells. There are approximately 350 domestic and agricultural wells of record within two miles of the mine site. Unlike other areas of the country where these mines have operated, the closeness of so many people and wells to the proposed mine site leaves no room for error.
  • Unfortunately, the track record of uranium mining shows that leaks and poor ground water restoration is all too common at ISL mines. We can not find, and the mining companies have not presented,any documentation that any ISL uranium mine has “restored” the water without having the restoration standards relaxed.
  • A recent independent study of ISL mining in Texas confirms that the ISL method of uranium mining routinely contaminates the ground water during the mining operation.

Have questions? Let your voice be heard to protect your water ! Come to a round table meeting at the Nunn Community Center and get your questions answered. Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

The Nunn Town Board of Trustees is hosting this event and has invited representatives from Powertech Uranium Corp. (the Canadian uranium mining company that is proposing to mine uranium in Weld County west of Nunn) and Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction, C.A.R.D., a group of concerned citizens who worked with state legislators to pass HB 08-1161 and are working to educate the public about the hazards of uranium mining.

The Nunn Board of Trustees is accepting questions from the public to be answered at this event. Submit your questions to the Nunn Town Board of Trustees now:

185 Lincoln Ave
PO Box 171
Nunn, Colorado 80648

Become informed...Come to this meeting….

The potential health, economic and environmental risks of uranium mining are high!

  • Powertech Uranium Corp. plans to mine uranium by injecting chemicals in the Fox Hills Aquifer that will mobilize uranium and other toxic elements. They plan to mine for up to 25 years!
  • Weld County is one of the premier agricultural counties in the United States.
  • Contaminated groundwater could have a severe economic impact to Weld County’s agriculture industry.
  • A uranium mine near approximately 250,000 people could make this area undesirable for future growth.
  • Over the lengthy proposed mining schedule, human and livestock health effects could accumulate substantially as a result of possible contaminated ground water, air borne pollutants, increased radon and more.
  • Possible trucking accidents, toxic seepages, tornadoes or flooding could have serious environmental impacts.

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