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Numerous articles, editorials, and letters to the editor are being published in local newspapers concerning uranium mining in northern Colorado. To view them, see the Reference page.
Mining May Hurt City Print

Letter to the Editor
Fort Collins Coloradoan
July 29, 2007


Fort Collins may have spent $80,000 to create a new "brand" for the city, but it will have a hard time "selling" the city if we end up with a radioactive uranium mine a few miles outside town. It would be better for long-term economic development and community health if the city spent $80,000 fighting the proposal to mine uranium.

The nearest point that mining may occur is only 7 miles from Fort Collins. Of course, this will degrade our area's image, for starters. Here are some of the potential negative economic impacts of having a uranium mine just outside town: (1) property values will go down, as will property tax collections and real estate commissions; (2) growth and economic development will be restricted to the north and east; (3) loss of agricultural use and jobs; (4) negative impacts on tourism (who wants to visit a radioactive hot spot?); (5) increased health costs - whether through insurance or government medical programs; (6) increased road construction and maintenance costs for heavy truck traffic; (7) increased taxes - it has cost hundreds of millions of tax dollars to clean up past uranium operations; (8) further limits on water availability; and (9) mining a non-renewable energy resource does not fit with our area's efforts to become known as a renewable energy capital.

So let's get our priorities figured out. The city needs to take a stand against this proposal! This kind of proposal has been defeated when people react immediately and forcefully.

Lilias Jones Jarding,
Fort Collins



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