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We need your help. If you want to stop uranium mining in northern Colorado, you must act now.  You can start by signing our petition and voicing your opposition to the Weld County commissioners. See the Stop the Mining menu for details.

Be vigilant about environmental damage uranium mining could cause Print

by Robbie Guidry

Letter to the Editor
Greeley Tribune
September 21, 2007

Powertech's proposed open-pit uranium mine has the potential to destroy the Laramie-Fox Hills aquifer. This vital source of water for people, livestock and wildlife covers most of the Denver Basin area, approximately 7,000 square miles along the Front Range from Wyoming to Colorado Springs and east to Limon. By the stroke of a pen, our way of life could become forever altered in the name of economics and energy.

I moved to Colorado from Louisiana in the 1980s because the legislators, U.S. Corps of Engineers and oil companies had virtually destroyed the wetlands and landscape of what was once a beautiful place to live, all in the name of economics and energy. Ultimately, Hurricane Katrina's devastation was made worse by the eroded, dredged marshland of the Gulf Coast buffer zone. Katrina, this "unforeseen act of nature," could have been less devastating with precaution, advanced planning and better protection of the environment.

Let's maintain our safe, healthy way of life here in Colorado, and keep uranium mining out of our area. Learn from the past. Plan better. Be vigilant in the protection of our environment. Be well-informed. Visit, and get involved.

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