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Mine threatens health Print

by Sarah Peacock
Fort Collins Coloradoan (Letter to the Editor)
December 2, 2007

The first year of my son's life was marked with numerous visits to urologists for a kidney condition that could have left him on dialysis down the road. After surgery at 14 months, the doctor declared his kidney function better than ours - what joy! But now, Powertech's plans to mine for uranium 11 miles from our home puts his kidneys at risk again. Uranium enters the body through inhalation and the consumption of contaminated foods and water. It settles first in the kidneys and liver and ultimately in the skeleton.

If Powertech pursues open-pit mining, it could leave more than 50 million pounds of uranium tailings on the surface to then blow into our crops, water and bodies. Because children drink seven times more water per kilogram of body weight than the average adult, they are especially vulnerable. The Navajo Nation banned uranium mining due to dramatic increases in lung cancer, kidney disease and lymphoma. These diseases didn't surface until decades after the mines had closed. Join me in stopping the mining now to protect our children's future health. Visit to begin.

Sarah Peacock lives in Fort Collins.

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