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Push for nuclear power, greedy Print

by Randy King
Boulder Daily Camera
December 1, 2007

Wake up and smell the radiation! Population control and conservation are paramount. Have you noticed that many major automobile manufactures are releasing hydrogen fuel cell cars this coming year? Do you understand that hydrogen fuel cell power plants are a near future reality? It may take nuclear power to produce the hydrogen, but only a fraction of what it would take if we rely on nuclear power alone. And solar holds great promise for that need. This push for nuclear power is being generated by greed, not need. So is the push for uranium mining. Isn't it power plant waste that Iran is spinning down to blow us up?

As for uranium mining in northern Colorado, there is a prominent well driller in the area of Powertech's Centennial project that has educated me about how dynamic the aquifer, that will be destroyed, is. Well re-charge rates of 50 gallons per minute are common. I live a mile from ground zero of the project and my re-charge rate is 45 gpm. and free of contaminants at this time. There are artesian springs all around this area. Some prominent hydrologists believe the South Platte River is greatly influenced by the aquifer. Thornton and other thirsty cities are tapping into the aquifer.

Then there is the wind! If there is a windier place on earth, show me. The Excel wind farm is only a few miles away. A prominent meteorologist, who has collected decades of data in this area, alludes to how windy it is. I can personally attest to it. During up-slope conditions, I suggest residents of Ft. Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, and all points between (one million people) don respirators, because the radio-nuclides are coming your way! The data is already collected. It will be released for all to see. Better yet, you all live only a few minutes away, come see the area for yourself. Bring a kite! And keep Erin Brockovich's phone number handy.

Randy King lives in Wellington, Colorado.

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