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Uranium mine would harm the good life on the prairie Print

by Randy King (Letters to Editor)
The Greeley Tribune
December 19, 2007

I would like to relate why I am so very opposed to Powertech's proposed uranium operations in northern Colorado -- the in-situ process only a mile from my home. I like living here.

I once heard it said, "Anyone can love the mountains, but it takes soul to love the prairie." It's a bittersweet place to be. Let me expand upon the sweet things.

I am a kite designer by hobby and can fly almost every day because of the constant wind. I can look across the prairie as far as the eye can see. The sunrises are absolutely awesome. The rainbows are heavenly. I can ride my horse just about anywhere I want and not worry about being run down by crazed automobile drivers. The stars at night are mesmerizing. The brown cloud never makes it here.

Almost everyone actually waves at each other. I can paint my house whatever color I want. The bottom line is that the code of the true West still exists.

All this, and only a few minutes away from the Autoplex, Hooters, Centerra Shops, Thunder Mountain, EPIC, Old Town, Fort Fun or the Windsor swimming pool! But if the uranium mining happens, I will not hesitate to leave all this behind for greener pastures. There are a bunch of us out here who will do anything, including defaulting on loans, to escape what would most certainly be a death sentence for us and our families.

For anyone in the tri-city area to think this isn't their destiny as well, they are living in denial. The open pit process is only a few miles from Fort Collins' city limits. All it will take to stop the process is to rise up and voice your concern. We have only a few months before it will be too late. Do it now.

Randy King lives in Wellington

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