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Numerous articles, editorials, and letters to the editor are being published in local newspapers concerning uranium mining in northern Colorado. To view them, see the Reference page.
Mine vote merits praise Print

by Barbara Clark (Letter to the Editor)
Fort Collins Coloradoan
December 27, 2007

I urge all Fort Collins citizens to applaud our City Council's 6-0 vote for a resolution to oppose uranium mining in our area. Rarely does our council come to such a unanimous conclusion, and after much thought and research, the council has taken a stand to oppose uranium mining in our neck of the woods. Powertech's recent advertisement spinning the safety of such mining undermines our council's decision. The residents' voice of Fort Collins has spoken, and we the people would kindly ask that Powertech take its business elsewhere, if there is an elsewhere, which chooses to bask in such a glow.

Barbara Clark lives Fort Collins

Comment posted by Howard Williams:

I agree that the City Council's decision was very appropriate and most appreciated by the residents of the several counties that the Power Tech project would have affected. The members of the Council are truly representative of the quality and character of the residents of this region. Before we moved here we spent much time researching the area, the quality of life, the governing bodies, the schools, etc. We liked what we found. This is a region where health and the well being of residents are considered in all long range city and county planning. That philosophy is the reason that this area is desireable to people from all over the world. We have a lot of educated, creative, altrustic, foward-thinking people for neighbors and for elected officials. We positively applaud the decision made by the City Council of Ft. Collins. You are truly heroes in my book!


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