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Powertech will lose Print

by Randy King (Letter to the Editor)
Fort Collins Coloradoan
January 5, 2008

Perhaps you saw the letter from Powertech in the Coloradoan a few weeks ago. Perhaps you detected Powertech's greed. Perhaps you also detected the ruthless arrogance that oozes from their very being. It's the method they have been using with the good folks that live next to Centennial Project since the beginning. Now they are turning it on all the good folks of Northern Colorado. They are on the ropes and throwing punches with reckless abandon. They know they are up against a well-conditioned and well-educated opponent. They know they are going to lose.

They cite we have no data to back up our stance. The fact is we have tons of it. Data relating to the dynamics and water quality of the aquifer they intend to destroy, to the wind in the area, to the effects of uranium mining (anywhere it has ever happened), is all available to anyone with enough interest to look. The best weapon we have is Powertech's own mouth.

Randy King lives in Wellington

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