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by John S. Dixon, Letters to Editor
The Greeley Tribune
January 23, 2008

State Reps. Randy Fischer and John Kefalas, and state Sens. Bob Bacon and Steve Johnson, deserve our utmost praise and gratitude. On Jan. 16, they introduced two bills in the Statehouse, which, if passed, will protect our water and local communities from toxic and radioactive pollution resulting from uranium mining. We must fully support passage of these two bills, which are crucial to protecting our lives and the lives of our children.

The people of northern Colorado are gravely endangered by the plans of Powertech Uranium to mine uranium in Weld and Larimer counties within 15 miles of 300,000 people, through the water table and aquifer that these people depend on for their drinking water and livelihoods.

During the past three months, I have attended two presentations by Powertech Uranium. Powertech has yet to provide any guarantees or assurances whatsoever that the radioactive materials or poisonous metals unearthed by the mining will not contaminate our water, land and air.

The people of northern Colorado must not be forced to bear all the risks of uranium mining so close to our homes, so that a mining corporation can make huge profits. If there is less than a 1 percent chance of contamination, that is far, far too great a risk for us to endure.

We must ask all our representatives and officials now to turn back Powertech and the other uranium mining companies that threaten our lives.

John S. Dixon lives in Fort Collins

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