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Rocky fails to see in-situ mining threat Print

by Teresa Foster
Rocky Mountain News
February 19, 2008

It appears that the Rocky Mountain News has been duped by the propaganda fed to them by Powertech Uranium Corp. What's at stake is the degradation of water quality feeding a large population center. Once the aquifer is destroyed there's no turning back.

Water is our most valuable resource in the state of Colorado. I don't think the author of the Rocky's Jan. 28 editorial, "Mining, over and out," understands the implications of the damage in-situ leach mining can cause. Since in-situ leach mining takes place in an open system, it can't possibly be isolated. It has been documented in Texas that their groundwater quality was never restored to its original condition.

How can we sit back and allow Powertech to contaminate our water supply? Furthermore, there is a glaring omission in the editorial - Powertech intends to do open-pit mining within 10 miles of Fort Collins. This is a double-whammy; not only will they pollute our water, they will also pollute our air.

Tiny particles of uranium will be picked up by the wind and be deposited in your backyard (and your lungs). Breathe deep! I urge the Rocky to support passage of House Bills 1161 and 1165. Let's use some common sense, please.

Teresa Foster lives in Longmont

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