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Lundberg out of touch Print

by Jackie Adolph (Letter to the Editor)
Windsor Beacon
February 21, 2008

I noticed that a couple of days ago, Rep. Lundberg voted against a resolution that supports children's health care. It passed in the House 61-3. It happened the same day I heard a speech from Gov. Ritter on the need to make provisions for as many children as we can in current programs. The economy is not what it was 10 years ago and the middle class is slipping away, health care is one of the first "luxuries" that people let go of in order to pay for food and rent, especially if they have lost their homes.

I have been watching Lundberg since I observed him at a meeting of ranchers at Nunn last year. More than 200 people crowded the gymnasium there to voice their concerns over their water, land and livelihoods in the face of the threat of in-situ uranium mining. He strongly promoted the rights of those who own mineral rights (or even Canadians who lease them), even if it destroys the surface and potential use of the land.

These ranch families have been there for generations. When the ranchers asked: "What about our rights?" he said something to the effect that if they didn't like his opinions, he would see them at the polls in November. He may not have heard how many people said: "You bet!"

I am sure that he lost 200 votes that night. These hard working ranchers are not anti-growth, anti-mining, or radical environmentalists, they simply know how in-situ uranium mining will ruin their whole generational livelihood. With the Internet, people have vastly more access to information than ever before.

Politicians are elected to represent the interests of their people and we are watching them. Lundberg's reputation will grow and I hope that others who feel the same will watch him and vote someone else in. My vote in House District 49 will go to Lilias Jarding.

Jackie Adolph lives in Windsor

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