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by Jim Vassallo (Letter to the Editor)
Fort Collins Coloradoan
March 23, 2008

After attending public hearings on the uranium mining controversy in Colorado, here's what I've learned:

The mining industry is salivating over the rising value of uranium. The price has risen because China and India are building nuclear power plants. It is also rising because Dick Cheney and the Bush administration like nukes. I think it is part of Cheney's secret energy plan. Why secret? Nukes can kill a lot of people or make them very sick. Frail memories have faded. The disasters at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island never happened.

Uranium industry lobbyists are in bed with sympathetic politicians because nuclear power plants can't be built without billions in taxpayer subsidies. They are too expensive for private corporations to build and operate.

Looking at the big picture, there are currently 4,000 uranium mine applications pending in Colorado alone. These mines will consume and contaminate millions of gallons of our water per month. Water travels underground for hundreds of miles. It will pass through every crack and crevice in the rock. No mining company can guarantee it won't.

Bloated on the usual propaganda, industry cheerleaders are trying to convince us how safe and wonderful nukes are. It reminds me of the DDT experiment in the 1950s. People were soaking their hair in that poison. This time, with rising cancer rates, most people aren't buying it. For more information, go to Help stop this potential disaster.

Jim Vassallo lives in Fort Collins

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