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Here's why I'm not interested in bringing uranium mining to northern Colorado Print

by Jackie Adolph, Wellington

Letters to Editor
July 6, 2007

ImageIn the five decades since the creation of the nuclear industry, vast sums of money have been spent to convince the public that nuclear technology is both necessary and desirable. The industry still lacks the credibility in a number of key areas:

  • Nuclear energy is not clean: All parts of the nuclear fuel cycle, from uranium mining to reprocessing, contribute to the creation of long-lived radioactive wastes.
  • Nuclear energy is not cheap: In many places, renewable energy sources are as cheap as or significantly cheaper than nuclear energy. When the electricity utilities were privatized in the United Kingdom, the market refused to purchase or support nuclear utilities.
  • Nuclear energy is not the answer to global warming: Extensive studies have shown that each dollar invested in end-use energy efficiency displaces nearly seven times more carbon than a dollar invested in nuclear power.
  • Nuclear mining is not safe: According to the international Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, uranium mining has been responsible for the largest collective exposure of workers to radiation. One estimate puts the number of workers dying of cancers due to mining and milling alone at 20,000. Living near mines is dangerous. It is widely agreed that there is no safe level of radiation exposure.
  • Nuclear power is not safe: Nuclear reactors routinely release radiation into the surrounding environment. Incidents, accidents, releases and leaks plague the industry in every country where it operates.
  • The threat posed by nuclear weapons is not over: More than 40,000 nuclear warheads still exist. Nuclear proliferation continues and there is growing global smuggling.


  • The problems of nuclear waste have not been solved: Despite assurances, nuclear waste remains a real and very potent danger. They need to be isolated from people and the wider environment for up to hundreds of thousands of years.

Help stop the industry from taking over northern Colorado. Go to for details.

(Sources provided by writer: SEA-US, The Sustainable Energy and Anti-Uranium Service Inc.)





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