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by Lilias Jarding (Letter to the Editor)
Fort Collins Coloradoan
June 18, 2008

The fight to stop uranium mining from coming to our area is far from over.

Passing legislation that tightened the laws was a great step! Please tell Reps. John Kefalas and Randy Fischer and Sens. Steve Johnson and Bob Bacon "thanks" when you see them.

But this is not the time to "take a vacation" from our work against this unclean, unsafe and unwanted project. We need to keep informed and be prepared to act.

A law is a piece of paper with the power of the Legislature behind it. The next step will be drafting rules, which will be used to enforce the new laws. This is a critical step toward protecting us from uranium mining.

Here's the process. State agencies will draft some rules. The rules will define all the terms used in the new laws, set standards for water cleanup, say when an agency has to tell the public what's going on - and so forth.

After the rules are drafted, there will be public hearings. Everyone who's concerned about this issue needs to be prepared to act - to get people to the hearings, to raise money so we can pay experts to testify and to testify at the hearings ourselves.

Go to to learn more and see what you can do. Help protect our property values and our water. Help avoid another bunch of taxpayer-funded cleanups of uranium companies' messes.

Remember - radiation is forever. Uranium mines are not.

Lilias Jarding lives in Fort Collins

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