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Nuclear not a clean alternative energy Print

by Helen Marie Cowen (Letter to the Editor)
Greeley Tribune
August 8, 2008

What part of clean and renewable do our elected officials not understand when it comes to nuclear power? It seems that the trend is if you nestle nuclear power within context with the words "clean" and "renewable," then by association nuclear power has to be good, green and a possible solution to our energy crisis.

The reality is that nuclear power requires uranium mining. Uranium mining has proven to be detrimental to the environment, wildlife, pets and humans. By definition any energy production that pollutes and degrades surrounding natural resources is NOT considered a clean and renewable energy source.

Sources of clean and renewable energies would be biomass, geothermal, solar, water and of course what we experience almost daily: wind.

Please write or e-mail your elected officials and insist that they NOT support nuclear power. You may visit the Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction to find out more information about all the hazards of uranium mining as well as your elected officials' addresses to write to at

We need your voices!

Helen Marie Cowen lives in Wellington

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