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Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction volunteers are very active.  See the Events menu for a list of upcoming events that we are either sponsoring or attending.  Contact us if you want to help us stop uranium mining in northern Colorado.  

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South Dakota News and More Opportunities to Oppose Powertech’s Proposed Dewey-Burdock Project!

First, a welcome to those from South Dakota and the area who have navigated to the website from the bumper stickers and buttons.

Next, activity and momentum in South Dakota are rapidly building with opposition to Powertech’s proposed Dewey-Burdock project. Here is an opportunity for those of you not in the immediate area to express your opposition to this proposed project. We know how far this website reaches out, so let’s join in with South Dakota and end this proposed project!

The Dakota Rural Action has an online petition to the state's Tourism Director at demanding that he take a stand opposing the proposed Dewey-Burdock project. Check out the site, sign the petition then spread the word. Sheer numbers will make an impact.

Concerned Citizens of the Southern Black Hills have amassed almost 1000 signatures. You need to remember that this is a very rural area and they are gathering numbers like that! Incredible.

Want to sign the petition in person? Have a motorcycle? Always wanted one? Just want to be part of an amazing gathering? Plan a trip! The Clean Water Alliance and Dakota Rural Action will be at the 73rd Sturgis Rally, August 5 – 11, 2013 talking about uranium mining! They have been invited to share a table with the Jackpine Gypsies, the oldest motorcycle club at the Rally. Huge event with thousands of people from all over. Talk about exposure!

For the latest in South Dakota information, schedules, and events, you need to visit Clean Water Alliance. This is an excellent site that will bring you up to speed or just keep you informed on what’s going on. They also have many more links to organizations than I can post here and are all committed to the battle. Check it out.

For a more in depth and direct look at Powertech Uranium Corp., visit a Colorado favorite: Powertech Exposed.

Awesome site you have to go to. Now for the latest news! Check out this press release:

JULY 23, 2013

Lilias Jarding, Ph.D.
Clean Water Alliance
Phone: 605-787-2872

Jeffrey Parsons, Senior Attorney
Western Mining Action Project
Phone: 720-203-2871

The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, a decision-making body that is hearing arguments around the proposed Dewey-Burdock uranium mine, has supported the arguments of opponents of the mine. The Board, composed of administrative judges, rejected arguments put forth by Powertech Uranium, which wants to develop an in situ leach uranium mine north of Edgemont, S.D.

In a Memorandum and Order, the Board rejected Powertech’s attempts to prevent the Oglala Sioux Tribe and local residents from formally raising their concerns about the lack of a scientific basis for the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s environmental review of the Dewey-Burdock project. This environmental review, called a draft supplemental environmental impact statement, was released in November 2012. It was authored by personnel from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and those staff supported Powertech’s positions.

Attorney Jeff Parsons, who represents the Oglala Sioux Tribe, says that “As a result of the Board’s ruling, Powertech must go back and conduct significant new environmental and cultural studies – efforts that should have been made long ago when the licensing process began.”

The Board was appointed by the NRC to hear arguments made by the public, the Tribe, Powertech, and NRC staff. In its decision, the Board also said that the Tribe and local residents have raised substantial concerns with the environmental review – particularly as it relates to protection of local groundwater and significant cultural resources present at the proposed mine site. As a result, the NRC staff must now follow federal laws that require a rigorous scientific study of the serious impacts that the mine would have on groundwater and cultural resources. The NRC staff must also carefully study Powertech’s proposed measures to minimize the impacts to groundwater and cultural resources.

Lilias Jarding of Rapid City, who represents the Clean Water Alliance, points out that “This project will continue to languish until Powertech takes its responsibility seriously – if it wants to mine, it is also responsible for insuring that important groundwater and cultural and historic resources at the proposed uranium mine site are protected.”

The Clean Water Alliance is a collection of citizens who are concerned about the health, environmental and economic impacts that proposed uranium mining projects would have on our communities, people, economy, and natural resources. Our address is P.O. Box 591, Rapid City, S.D. 57709. Our e-mail address is This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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